Mindfull Investment Focus

All of our portfolio companies are built on the passion and underlying theme of creating profitable life impact businesses through the wonders of innovation and technology.


As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, consumers are seeking preventative, more affordable solutions and healthy lifestyles. As our growing population ages, technological innovation will be the key driver to extending and improving the quality of our lives. We invest in companies that disrupt the status quo of healthcare, providing innovative solutions improving our health and well being.


We will continue to redefine the possibilities for our age with new technologies that sustain and enrich our environment and our lives. Each of our investments must be beneficial to our planet and our resources. A healthy planet sustains healthy lives.


Technology has dramatically enhanced our lives, and continues to do so in new and innovative ways. We are committed to funding companies building products and services that touch and enhance our personal lives, whether they increase our connections around the globe, enable us to have access to information and education, or inspire us to to live more sustainably.